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Stkildadentist is delighted to offer the in-house services of Dr Adam Keyes-Tilley for the in-chair treatment of difficult or complex (surgical) extractions as well as the extraction of wisdom teeth under General Anaesthetic at the nearby Masada private hospital.

Dr Adam Keyes-Tilley BDSc (Melb) FRACDS FICCDE

st-kilda-dentist-wisdom-teethDr Adam Keyes-Tilley is a dental surgeon who deals with the removal of teeth, including wisdom teeth, for the patients of Stkildadentist. He offers a general anaesthetic service at Masada Private Hospital on Balaclava Road which enables patients who are either nervous of treatment, or who require multiple surgical extractions, to have them removed whilst they are asleep.

Throughout his dental training, Dr Keyes-Tilley developed a strong surgical aptitude and a specific interest in implant surgery, periodontal surgery and oral surgery. In addition to his undergraduate degree, Dr Keyes-Tilley was admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons in 2011, winning the Sutherland Prize for the most outstanding student.

Dr Keyes-Tilley has also been involved with dental education in many guises over the years including lecturing around Australia, fulfilling duties as an Examiner for the RACDS and more recently sitting on the RACDS Board of Studies (GDP).

Dr Keyes-Tilley endeavours to use all the techniques and knowledge he has learnt over the years to offer his patients a comfortable and smooth transit through the surgical process with an experience that is patient-centered.
If you are having issues with your wisdom teeth and want to discuss options for their removal please call and arrange a consult appointment with Dr Keyes-Tilley on (03) 9534 8611.

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