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Minimally Invasive (MI) Dentistry

Minimally invasive (MI) dentistry involves revolves around treating any underlying caries (decay) with the lowest biological cost to the tooth. In other words, by minimizing the amount of tooth structure that is removed.

This has several advantages. Firstly, by detecting problems early, decay can be removed before it has chance to cause more extensive damage to the tooth. Also, by limiting the amount of healthy tooth structure that is removed in treating the problem, the tooth retains it’s structural integrity. This means less potential problems in the future with the tooth or filling fracturing.

Stkildadentist uses the latest technology to help achieve these goals including high-resolution cameras; a state-of-the-art Zeiss operating microscope; micro-fine fissurotomy burs and high-strength flowable tooth- coloured resin fillings resulting in almost invisible, durable, minimally-invasive restorations.

MI Dentistry
Early Fissure Decay

Early fissure decay treated with MI techniques.

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