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Emergency Treatment Costs

It is very difficult to quote over the phone or internet for every conceivable type of dental emergency. An exact assessment and quote can only be realistically be given after you have been examined by a dentist.

As a general guide though, addressing the most common issues such as fractured teeth or fillings or toothaches, usually costs somewhere in the range of $250-$400.

The most common issues are:

1 – Serious acute pain.

This is the classical toothache. A constant, or near constant, background ache that is very painful and might not be fully controlled by pain-killers. This is usually from an inflamed nerve and is best treated by direct intervention by a dentist. An access cavity is opened up in the tooth to relieve the pressure build up from the inflamed nerve and a sedative / antibiotic paste is placed into the hole to help remove the pain. This relieves the acute pain but the tooth will need further treatment in the near future (either root canal treatment or an extraction). This emergency treatment costs approx. $400-$450.

2 – Less serious sporadic / chronic pain.

There are a quite a few potential issues that can cause this type of complaint including decay in a tooth; cracks in a tooth; gum issues; teeth grinding, to name a few. It’s not really possible to get a proper diagnosis over the phone so the best option would be to book in for a proper exam and then the problem can be assessed and a quote / plan drawn up for what is needed to be done. An emergency exam and x-ray costs $99

3 – A loose / very broken down tooth; I ‘just want it out’

Stkildadentist prefers not to book people in for extractions ‘unseen’ as it is impossible to know over the phone or internet if an extraction will be a simple one or a complex surgical one.

We are happy for you to come in for an emergency exam and X-ray so we can assess the situation and provide you with an accurate quote and book you in for an appropriate amount of time. The cost for the exam and X-ray will be $99.

Extraction costs vary from between $250 (non-complex) up to $550 for a complex surgical / wisdom tooth extraction.

Hopefully this information has helped. Feel free to call and book in for one of those 3 options or just to discuss further with one of our friendly staff.

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