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Root Canal

Root canal therapy is a procedure to try and retain a tooth in the mouth when the nerve has died or is dying, restoring the tooth to function.

Although there are several options to replace failed teeth, it is generally accepted that the retention of your natural teeth, even if heavily restored with a root canal and a crown, is the preferred option in favourable conditions.

Root canal therapy is a complex and technically demanding procedure but one which, when performed well, has a very high success rate. Though root canal therapy has a reputation as a painful procedure, this is not normally the case. It is actually usually performed to relieve the pain caused by an infected tooth.

Dr Lee Staddon has a particular interest in root canal therapy and he performs most of the root canal treatments at Stkildadentist. He is a member of the Australian Society of Endontology (Victorian branch) and frequently attends postgraduate lectures and seminars on the topic.

Stkildadentist has invested heavily in this area, utilising the latest proven technologies such as nickel-titanium rotary files, electronic apex locators and a state-of-the-art Zeiss operating microscope which allows for magnification of up to 24 times.

What this means to you is the best chance of success, in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of discomfort!

Root canal cost varies mainly depending on the tooth involved. Front teeth tend to have less canals that need to be cleaned and filled and are hence less expensive. Back molar teeth can have 3 or 4 canals and hence are generally more expensive.

As a rough guide the price ranges from $900 – $1800. Other fees for rebuilding the tooth will usually be incurred. Your dentist will be able to give you an exact written quote once you have been examined.

Infected Tooth

Infected tooth

Root Canal

Root canal located and cleaned

Root Canal Filled

Root canal filled

Tooth Rebuilt

Tooth rebuilt.

For more detailed information on the procedure including success rates, appointments needed and other web resources please view or download the practice information sheets below.

Root Canal

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