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Will it Hurt?

At Stkildadentist we use the latest technology to make your visits as low-stress and pain-free as possible

By practicing, where possible, minimally invasive dentistry using micro-fine fissurotomy burs, some early carious (decayed) lesions can be treated, pain-free, without the need for any local anaesthetic injections.

Where local anaesthetic injections are indicated, Stkildadentist uses topical anaesthetic creams to ‘pre-numb’ the injection site along with the latest ultra-fine tips for delivering the anaesthetic.

The use of this combination has resulted in the fact that many of our patients have been heard to comment that they didn’t even feel the injection at all !

Stkildadentist uses the latest generation of local anaesthetics which provide profound anaesthesia. This means that pain-free routine dentistry is now predictably achievable.

For those very nervous or anxious patients we can also arrange for pre-treatment oral sedatives. Please call (03) 9534 8611 if you would like to know more about this option.

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